The Samsung Transform

Korean tech mogul, Samsung, has released another mid-ranged smart phone called the Samsung Transform, which proceeds the Samsung Moment and the Samsung Intercept. It was released almost two months ago for the mid range price of $150 once users sent in a mail in rebate, and it has gained a small following among Samsung Transform bloggers and real life users who have been impressed with the features it includes for its price, such as a tactile QWERTY keyboard in addition to the digital touch screen keyboard, an LED flash and both front and rear facing cameras, and 3.5 inch touch screen. The Samsung Transform has also garnered a small amount of interest as a potential gaming device, although it is not comparable to a dedicated device for gaming such as a Nintendo DS or Sony PSP. Nonetheless, it is possible to do some light gaming with the Samsung Transform, and this will be discussed in this article, along with information about some of the Samsung Transform accessories you can purchase.

One of the best ways to play games on the Samsung Transform is to purchase a Nesoid, which is a Nintendo NES emulator. This will allow you to play NES roms, or original NES games directly   on your Android. This means you have Donkey Kong, Final Fantasy, Zelda, Mario, and similar games at the tip of your fingers once you download them. Its fun, it’s easy, and it’s retro. What’s not to like?

Samsung Transform

The first of the two accessories, an extra battery, is really useful when you’re planning on going out on a long day without having access to any place to plug in a charger to an outlet or a car charger in your vehicle. While the Samsung Transform already comes with a decent amount of battery life, it is still a smart phone, and like any other smart phone, whenever you use it for more than its basic phone capabilities, you will significantly decrease the battery life. To top it off, almost every smart phone on the market these days comes with a bright and large touch screen that is typically at least 3.5 inches across diagonally, and the Samsung Transform is no exception.

Such a large screen inevitably drains battery life, and if you don’t have a charger or an extra Samsung Transform battery handy, you can easily run out of juice just when you need it most, which is the fastest way to render even the most useful smart phone useless. Fortunately, such damage is preventable, and if you buy an extra battery, you won’t have to worry nearly as much about this happening to you.Samsung Transform

The second accessory, a Samsung Transform holster, might sound like a simplistic addition that you can live without, but it is actually a useful addition that you should consider if you’re planning on buying a Samsung Transform. This is because the Transform doesn’t come with any way of attaching itself to your body directly through the phone; you basically stick it in your pocket and go on your way. Although this may be enough for most people, some of the more traditional users (And you probably are if you are interested in a phone that includes a tactile keyboard), you will probably appreciate having the ability to attach your phone to your person, which is exactly what a holster lets you do.

Palm Centro Review

verizon palm centro

The first thing people familiar with Palm smartphones will notice about the Palm Centro, besides the fact it’s not just another new Treo, is that it’s slimmer and lighter weight than any other Palm smartphone, Treo or otherwise, ever.

Its compact design is definitely the foremost feature of the Palm Centro, though fortunately not its only one. A welcome addition to the design of the Palm Centro is actually an absence, that being the annoying, pointy antenna that points out of the Palm Treo. The crisp, clear 320 x 320 pixel resolution display screen is a great appeal to the eye. The Palm Centro comes in both a black onyx casing and a ruby red casing.

With the Centro, Palm clearly hopes to woo cell phone customers towards smartphones in a gentle and nonthreatening manner. In this vein, the Palm Centro is markedly uncomplicated, a glaring difference from the sportier phones of the younger generation. What this means is that, while the Palm Centro has some pared down features and capabilities when compared against Motorola RAZR or a Nokia N95 or an LG Voyager, it’s also much easier to use. In so doing, Palm was also able to offer the Centro at a pared down price as compared against these flashier, fancier, and admittedly more feature-filled competitors.

Having said that, the display screen on the Palm Centro is a touch screen, so at least Palm isn’t skimping where it counts. With a touch screen users enjoy the latest in modern convenience, a fully intuitive interface that yo  u can interact with directly, making for the easiest of transitions from using a cell phone to using a smartphone.

palm centro att blue

The Centro comes with the same productivity tools (To-Do List, Memo Pad, Calculator, Voice-Recorder, World Clock, Calendar, etc.) as the Palm Treo, but it also comes pre-loaded with Documents To Go, a program that allows you to open and read, as well as create and edit, Microsoft Word documents and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (as well as view PowerPoint presentations).

In addition to the QWERTY keyboard on the lower portion of the Centro are Talk and End buttons as well as shortcut keys for many of the device’s most popular functions. The primary navigation key on the unit is a five-way toggle switch. Other controls on the unit include volume control, a Mute button, a headphone jack, a multiconnector port and an infrared port, and a customizable button to launch whatever function you like. There’s also a microSD card slot which would be more convenient if its cover were a little less difficult to open.

The keyboard, while thankfully a QWERTY style, is nonetheless too cramped. Not only Palm Centro are the buttons all scrunched together, but they’re flat, lacking the sort of tactile feedback that makes for a more confident user experience. Besides the obvious impact on ease of use, flat buttons always seem to make a phone look and feel cheap. Surprisingly, the Palm Centro still comes with a stylus, though considering the quality of the keyboard this may not be a bad idea.

Also on the downside, the speaker on the Palm Centro is kind of weak. What’s most notably lacking, however, is Wi-Fi.

Next from Nokia – the N97,and Nokia N95 Review

In contrast to its world-renowned line of smartphones, when Nokia announced the next in its ever-popular N-series of handheld devices would be its first and “the world’s most advanced mobile computer.” For anyone who wishes their smartphone to be a portable PC, Nokia has unveiled the N97.

Nokia N97

Nokia has just announced its latest handset in the hotly contested smartphone race, the Nokia N97, and early reports suggest that certain aspects of this new device might make some iPhone users green with envy.

For one, the digital camera in the N97 is one of the sharpest – and smartest! – in the mobile community, at 5 megapixels with Carl Zeiss optics, a dual LED frash and DVD-quality video recording capabilities.

The Nokia N97 also adds a choice of keyboard controls where the iPhone lacks it, with both a 3.5” touch screen but a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

Nokia N97

The new Nokia sports a Flash-based GPS which makes mapping features even more user-friendly and followable than ever. It uses a convenient location sensing technology that always knows where you are (or it is, really), and it has been designed to integrate with Nokia’s So-Lo service.



So-Lo stands for “social location” and it’s bringing the appeal of social media to smartphones…sorry, we mean “mobile computers”. With So-Lo, friends and contacts on sites like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. can enhance the way they network and communicate by sharing real-time location-based information, statuses, and relevant video and pictures.

The N97 also comes with built-in WiFi and HSDPA network support.

And the Nokia N97 doesn’t mess around with meager memory allotments, hoping you’ll just spend the extra money on external microSD cards. It gives you 32 GB on-board to start with. And if you still want even more than that, it’s got a microSD expansion slot too, expandalbe to up to 48 GB.

According to its makers, the Nokia N97 has a battery life capable of up to a day and a half of playing music – 37 hours to be precise. That same battery life, they say, will give you about 4 and a half hours of video playback.N95

Interestingly, the Nokia N97 will not be available in time for the holidays. In fact, its U.S. release date is still unknown. European customers will be able to buy the new Nokia for about 550 euros (which equals about $693 US) starting sometime in early ’09.

The Nokia N95 cell phone is renowned for its advanced multi-media capabilities. Packed with versatile functionality, the flagship feature of the Nokia N95 is a 5-megapixel camera that delivers a high-quality picture, both for photos and videos. It features a Xenon flash, a two-step shutter, and auto-focus. To boot, it’s one of two cameras built into the phone, the other being a VGA camera on the front of the phone. The lens is even protected behind a cover that opens with the press of a switch.

With Carl Zeiss optics, the camera takes exceptional pictures – for a cell phone camera. Granted, you’re unlikely to win any photography awards with the pictures it takes, but for small print jobs and web publishing, it’s more than adequate.

The design of the Nokia N95 is sleek and compact, with a two-way slider concealing and revealing the numeric keypad. The contour of the keyboard is curved, making for more natural comfort in use.  And the phone boasts a tactile controls rather than touch-sensitive buttons.

Being a Symbian smartphone, the Nokia N95 also has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a GPS built-in. And with the standard Symbian interface, the Nokia N95 uses 3D icons and  other animated geometric shapes to identify and activate its various features.Nokia N95

For the media controls, however, the Nokia N95 provides a separate, additional interface, this one more fluid and familiar to average PC-users. Though it takes several seconds to load, it is refreshingly convenient to navigate and control. The phone comes bundled with Adobe Acrobat PDF reader, QuickOffice (for creating, reading, and editing Excel spreadsheets and Word documents), and the new N-Gage system that delivers improved gaming performance.

The Nokia N95 gives users access to a regularly updated list of currently popular YouTube videos that you can stream to the phone.  For playing music, the N95 recognizes most of the major audio file formats also comes with 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Call quality and reception are stellar with the Nokia N95. The speakerphone as well comes in louder and clearer than most. And even novice users can quickly master voice dialing and conference calls pretty much right out of the box.

The Nokia N95 has several effective instant messaging options, and works well for basic IM functions. IMAP and POP3 email also work well, though many of the popular services are noticeably absent in the menu, such as Yahoo and MSN. The phone’s web browsing ability is excellent, with quick loading, fully-featured web pages.

The GPS, while initially slow to load and lock in on your location, is from there on solid, sharp, and impeccably accurate. Choose between a top-down 2D map or a full 3D one. Navigation, including voice directions, costs an extra subscription fee, but it’s worth it.

Be aware, though, the Nokia N95 does not support U.S. 3G networks. The battery life is less-than-adequate when the phone is on standby. The hardware seems less sturdy than the phone’s price would suggest. The two-way slider mechanism, while innovative, could still be improved, made a bit more secure. Performance can also sometimes be sluggish.

Additionally, certain features like Push-to-Talk and Video Calling are only available to European buyers, as the North American version of the Nokia N95 is really an offshoot of the U.K. original.

Mag Looks Back On Best Advances In Smartphones Of 2009

Information Week just put out an interesting story about the “Top 10 Smartphone Advances of 2009” – a look back before we take a look at the year ahead.

The article spoke of Motorola’s comeback on the coattails of the Linux-based Google Android mobile OS, with the two highlights of Motorola’s year being the eminently customizable Motorol Cliq and the Motorola Droid.


Speaking of which, Google’s Android rollout was probably the headline stealer of the smartphone year.

It spoke of Blackberry’s jaunt over from the enterprise market into the mainstream consumer market with features in the coming BB Storm 2 that include WiFi and a boosted 2 GB onboard memory.

Meanwhile Microsoft (especially with its WinMo 6.5 Mobile OS) and Palm (particularly with its webOS smartphones the Palm Pre and its follow-up the Palm Pixi) both companies have been scrambling to get their footing as they keep losing ground to all the newer, younger, better competitors on the field. Surprisingly, and thanks to those newest release, the both don’t same too far behind to stay in the game.

Apple’s overhaul of the iPhone was a welcome highlight of the smartphone year, with issues like copy and paste and 3G network access being finally being addressed, as well as improvements in its digital camera, processor, storage space, even GPS and a digital compass.

And of course, 2009 saw the explosion of the mobile app market, across all platforms, as every smartphone maker scrambled to offer more and better and (when they’re on their toes) more relevant apps to their user base, with the iTunes App Store leading the way and Blackberry App World nipping at its heels.

he latest in the Motorola Q line of smartphones – formerly known as the RAZR smartphone – is the Q9, available in GSM and CDMA versions both, and offered by three major wireless carriers under the following names:

  • Verizon Motorola Q9m
  • AT&T Motorola Q9h
  • Sprint Motorola Q9c

Resembling the RIM BlackBerry in look and feel, the Motorola Q9c is a mere 0.4” thick and weighs in at a solid (but not bulky) 4.8 oz.



One vast improvement of the new Q over the old one is the keyboard, with larger, raised and domed rectangular keys with decent grip and helpful click replacing the slippery and overly-small ovular keys of the previous model. The cursor pad, hang-up, and phone-call buttons above the keyboard have also been generously increased in size. Users of the previous Motorola Q model will also appreciate that the scroll wheel remains conveniently positioned on the right side of the device.

The new Q also features an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts for easiest readability whether you’re indoors or out. Connectivity and voice quality is on par with Motorola’s exceptional reputation for continually increasing superiority in both these areas.

The fantastic speaker on the phone makes both speaker phone calling and music playback an utter joy, with a welcome loudness and clarity found, surprisingly, in far too few smartphones on the market. The music features of the smartphone are even given their own home screen, instantly accessible via a dedicated button. Verizon customers will also appreciate the included V-Cast capability in their Motorola Q9m, while Sprint Motorola Q9c customers will enjoy access to Sprint TV.

On the subject of video, however, unfortunately video playback leaves a little still to be desired, with a low frame-rate and occasional fluttering and choppiness. And while we’re on the subject of complaints, we might as well take this opportunity to also point out that the keypad response time felt a little lagging and some applications (like the .PDF reader) often felt like they took a bit too long to load. Also, the built0-in digital camera (1.3 megapixels in the Verizon and Sprint models, 2.0 megapixels in AT&T’s) is unspectacularly average.

The Motorola Q9 runs on Windows Mobile 6, but improvefamily-using-smartphones-shutterstock-510pxs on some of the reported flaws of the OS (such as those found in some HTC smartphones) by replacing many of Microsoft’s “lesser” applications with better third-party apps, such as the DataViz DocumentsToGo package replacing the standard Pocket Office mobile version of Microsoft Office.

The battery in the Motorola Q9 offers an interesting trade-off – you get extended battery life (with reportedly 5-6+ hours of talk time) but in exchange you have to contend with a larger, bulkier, and heavier battery that even sticks out in some models (such as the Sprint Q9c).

Phone App Store vs Blackberry App World

blackberry app world

Ordinarily in this feature we compare an up-and-coming smartphone with the king (or queen) of all smartphones – the iPhone 3G. And often, one of the most tenacious battlers for Apple’s throne is RIM with its ever-improving, always innovative Blackberry series (heck, now the President even uses one). What’s also become glaringly apparent in the past year is that the Apps market–3rd party applications–is where smartphone makers are seeing their biggest business converging around. With that in mind, then, we take a slight (but relevant) diversion from comparing smartphones to the inimitable iPhone and instead compare Apple’s iPhone App Store to RIM’s Blackberry App World.

The iPhone App Store (also sometimes called the iTunes App Store) came first, and has enjoyed plenty of time tweaking its system to best suit the marketplace. So with that kind of head start, it should be a hell of a lot better than RIM’s copycat incarnation.

Blackberry App World

Apps for the Blackberry have existed for a long time, but this is the first time that Blackberry users have a one-stop shop from which to load up (or down, as the case may be) on useful, convenient, and fun new functionalities and capabilities. Like the iPhone App Store, Blackberry App World sorts apps by type for easy browsing and includes a handy search feature too. And like with the iPhone, many of the apps are totally free.
While the iPhone comes with iTunes App Store access built in, Blackberry users must download the free store software to their Blackberries before being able to go online and browse the apps available. The biggest drawback to Blackberry App World is that, unlike the iTunes App Store that runs its own checkout platform, RIM reroutes buyers through PayPal.

One online reviewer summed the difference up nicely when he said that it’s all about culture. He even went on to say that Apple is more about the company and RIM about the customer. Whether that’s necessarily true or not, there is truth in that Apple and its products, from the iPhone to the App Store, have to be hip and cool, focusing more on style than substance in order to serve its niche market; while RIM, to serve its market, had to focus on creating a more toned-down, business-oriented service for the more toned-down business-oriented culture it serves.Blackberry App World

Apple’s unlock iPhone 4G is definitely a unique and dynamic innovation is one of the most expensive but functional mobile phones available. Because of this high price is not surprising that anyone who has an iPhone 4 need to protect your phone.

iPhone 4G unlock cover is scratch-protected film that normally has a long time guarantee. Without extra thick, simply a shield against the rays, food or anything else that can penetrate the display screen on the Phone.

Delicate skin of an iPhone 4G is a wonderful investment to protect an Apple iPhone. Another technique of lasting protection for Apple iPhone is actually a phone case. A case iPhone offers invisible protection with no bulk in its final. Built with invisibleSHIELD, transparent and indestructible film will let you protect your iPhone all day.

Above all, if you decide to remove your unlock 4G
iPhone case or skin, which departs free from particles and cleaning. To guard against dropping the device, the iPhone case also enhances the grip, therefore it is more difficult to talk or sit back in an area less than stable.

Choosing an iPhone case must not be a daunting procedure. With a range of models available, picking an iPhone case look for something that will not only shield your phone, but it will likely be easy to put on your mobile phone and remove. iPhone skin protection is another gadget that could be ordered. As an iPhone case, a wide range of variations can be found to meet the requirements of almost all Apple iPhone owners.Appstore

Regardless of whether you own an iPhone, an iPhone or skin case is out there for your phone. There isn’t any splendour in that! A LG, Motorola, AT & T phone (and much more) can find an invisibleSHIELD skin. Made for cameras, iPods, laptops and much more, this safety apparatus could be the new style for the protection of their technology acquisitions!

Deciding on an Unlock iPhone 4G case will not need to be a difficult task. Having a variety of designs readily available, choosing an iPhone case look for something that will not only protect your phone, but it will be easy to put on your phone and remove. iPhone skin protection is an additional device which can be bought. Like a case iPhone, many designs exists to meet the needs of almost all Apple iPhone 4G keepers.

Repair Tools to Fix Mobile Phones in Kenya

These days life has turned out to be fair when we have an essential thing in life called a mobile phone. Almost 75% of Kenyans cannot live without a mobile phone. Meaning this percentage of Kenyans are using cell phones to make calls, send text messages, play games, surf internet and many other things. We have to agree that mobile phones in Kenya are very sensitive, that is to say, they can easily break down and get into a very dangerous mess. Failing to take good care of them will cost you much or just ignoring the fact that they can fall on a hard surface.

Speaking the truth, getting a good mobile specialist is a big hustle in Nairobi. You have to get a referral from maybe your friend who had a similar incident like you. Additionally, you will need a lot of cash to fix your phone. However, the recent technology helps us to repair our cell phone on our own only if we follow the right guidelines. To do this, you have to get the right repair tools in the Kenyan smartphone industry. The internet is a global village with every information that you may need as you try to fix your loved smartphones. You can just Google your mobile phone problem and get sorted with the right manual books and video tutorials. I remember how I fixed my sim card using my internet. It was very simple and efficient.

Blow, I will put down three tips to help you find the right tools to repair your smartphones. Check them below:

  • Before you even touch your mobile phone, you need to research on what kind of mobile phone tools you need to buy. The repairs of phone consist of 5 categories as grouped by the experts. They include the cleaning tools, snit-static tools, case tools, and data recovery tools. Cleaning tools are used to help you clean up your smartphone when it falls. Another problem is when you drop your cell phone in the water; the drying tools will help you dry it in a very short period. The problem comes in when you break your loved smartphone!

However, do not bother about this so much, you can change the casing from time to time. They are not expensive to buy even in different colors. This changes from one day to the other. To say the truth, most mobile phone users in Kenya save their phonebook numbers on their sim cards. When the cards spoil, they experience a hard time trying to get online tools to get the phonebook back. The data recovery tools can help you gain back all of your contacts in minutes. Since I said earlier that smartphones in Kenya are very delicate, it is good to keep them safe from any damage. Make sure you clean your mobile phone using the anti-static tools to clean up all the cell phone components.

  • The Kenyan cell phone market comprises of very many tools to fix your gadget. You are free to choose from the best quality with the best price in Nairobi. Most of these tools are manufactured in Taiwan, China, and India. They are sent through online stores to your doorstep. One good thing about them is that they are sold at a very low price, and they are of high quality.
  • There are many ways of buying these smartphone repair tools; you can choose from mobile phones stores or online stores. In Kenya, we have several online shops like kilimall, jumia, and Keymu. All offer their service online, and they are very effective. Some manufacturers are good since their mobile phones in Kenya comes with both the casings and their repair tools. They foresee the Kenyan setting and since they want their clients to be happy they try hard to offer the best of their products. That’s the reason to why I advise my readers to research the best manufacturer to buy from since some just takes the Kenyan mobile phones users for a ride. Great deals exist online, so it is advisable to Google online and select the best seller to buy from.

Buying these tools online is something very tricky. You need to take very good care not to fall into the hands of experienced scammers. Check if the shop is reliable before placing that order from that site. If you are not that familiar with online buying, you are advised just to go to an offline shop and buy your tools there. In a nutshell, a Kenyan mobile user should have the repair tools at hand prepared for anything that may happen to your cell phone. Just get your phone fixed at any moment of the day.

Is a mobile phone repair in Kenya worth it?

Kenyan repair mobile phone

There is this new trend that has entered the Kenyan mobile phone market where people have the chance to insure their smartphones. I understand that some mobile phones are worth insuring, but not all phones deserve such a treatment especially the 10,000 mobile phones. However, repairing your phone is more cost effective rather than insuring your smartphone. We understand the kind of treatment that these insurance offer to their clients when it comes to claiming back your services. With this kind of treatments, I want to answer you the question of if phone repair is worth it!

Nothing feels bad than dropping your mobile phone in the Kenya streets when walking. You even don’t imagine that your loved cell phone is now down crying in pain. Imagine now deciding to repair your iPhone 6S screen at around 15,000 in Kenya. That’s a lot of money right? Now if you had insured this device, the cost would be at around 18,000. That is the cash the insurance going to cover your mobile phone in Kenya. Remember the apple company does not cover broken screen under their warranty. To me, insurance can only be of help if you lose your device. That’s when they can count your money and make it worth it. Breaking your smartphone is something you cannot control at whatever cost. One day it falls and get broken and remain with something that is unusable.

In most cases, there three options to consider when your phone breaks down. They include, buy a new mobile phone I Kenya, fix it by yourself, or contact a smartphone specialist to repair it for you. Many of cell phone users consider buying a new phone always. The problem is when your budget gets altered, or the cost of repairing is not that much expensive than repairing. However, there some factors that remain constant. If the mobile phone was given to you by a friend as a birthday present or you just saved money to buy one. This kind of ownership my not pain you a lot to simply buy another smartphone and dispose of the other damaged mobile phone.

Since some damages are not covered under the warranty, your last option is buying a new mobile phone in Kenya. Most people may consider repairing the phone for themselves. They may get the information from the web or just watch the videos to learn the fix and do them for themselves. However, there is a great risk since you may make more harm than good. When some parts have been damaged, getting them in the market may turn to be a hard thing. Some may not be available at all. Many of these parts are only available from online shops, and you have to calculate the costs of shipping before thinking of placing any order.

Also, when you think of doing a self-repair, think if you will stand the hard work and risks that come with this initiative. As for me, I would advise my readers to consider hiring a mobile phone expert in Kenya who is professional, skilled and determined in his job. In Nairobi shops, few technicians are good and will charge you less amount of money. My best advice is you should take your time well to research and get to know which type of a decision you can take before thinking what you think.  Most importantly before visiting that skilled technician, ensure to back up your data just in case things goes bad.

Accessories to protect your mobile phone

Damages can happen anywhere at any time of the day. Our main agenda is how we can keep them safe from these damages. They say that prevention is better than cure, and I want us to have a look for the must have accessories to our mobile phones in Kenya. We have to accept the fact that we are desperate without a mobile phone. We need it always to communicate with our loved ones. Below are some accessories that we can use to protect our cell phones:

Mobile cases

Mobile Phone Cases

There is nothing annoying and disgusting than having a smartphone for just weeks and all of a sudden it’s full of scratches. We have to put our phones in a way they will not have to wear out or tear apart. That’s why we need different cases and pouches to prevent our mobile phones from getting scratches. The same pouches also play a vital role when these mobile phones fall down on a hard surface. These protective gears come in different colors to make sure that Kenyan mobile phones remain in the same design that you bought them. Some of the phones even look more beautiful than before.

Screen guard

Screen Protector

The other thing is the issue of scratches on our screens. They give a view that no one would admire. Cell phone responsiveness comes out in a way that does not praise us at all. The scratches are as a result of mishandling and putting your phone with some coins in the pocket. The most notable spoiler of the screen is the key. Keys are known for damage screens now and then. When you use a screen guard, your phone looks new, and the viewership is good too. Even when you ate selling such a phone, the customer may like it much than a scratched screen.

Travelling charger

Travelling charger

You can bet on this that it has happened to you at one given time. Battery drying up every time you have gone out a distance from home or there is no power to charge your mobile phone in Kenya. Most notable scenarios are when employees forget to charge their phones during the previous nights. This is a savior in times of misery. Forgetting the charger can make you curse the day.



Kenyan roads are ever full of police officers who are just waiting to see a driver receiving a mobile call. Talking on a phone while driving is a serious offense in and around Nairobi. It attracts high fines that one will be left mouth wide. A headset will save you all this mess.

Reserve Battery

Time has come that you have to own at least two batteries to survive. You need to stay connected by all means. You cannot afford to miss that call from your loved ones. The reason for this it’s because in some places electricity going off is the order of the day. Carrying mobile phones batteries in Kenya is a thing that everyone has adopted. It’s a culture more so when going to the upcountry. You just remove the dry battery and fix the fully charged battery as life moves on.

End of Story

The need of accessories is an important task that you need to take up and depend on it. Mobile phones in Kenya nowadays are being sold in hand with their accessories. Making use of these accessories will do well to your phone. It will stay new and take you for a long period. Be on the lead and take good care of your smartphone since it’s the only necessity that you can’t live without by all means.


Kyocera 7135 Review

The successor to the widely beloved Kyocera 6035 Palm OS SmartPhone, the Kyocera 7135 is a much sportier model with the same essential features, only this time encased in a lighter weight clamshell (flip phone) design with a higher quality color display.

kyocera 7135

Now, that’s not to say the Kyocera 7135 is slimmer, lighter, and prettier than its average competitor, however. Just that it’s slimmer, lighter, and prettier than its predecessor. Nonetheless, the Kyocera 7135 boasts stellar voice quality and reception (even indoors) which is really what a cell phone should still be primarily about.

Available through Alltel and Verizon, the Kyocera 7135 features a 2 ½” screen that doubles as both the cell phone display screen and Palm OS display screen, though the touch screen is only accessible in Palm OS mode. A tri-band phone that supports both analog and US CDMA bands, Kyocera 7135 transmit’s calls over Verizon’s Express Network, a 1xRTT data network that’s capable of reaching speeds of 144k, with an average of around 40k to 70k in urban areas.

On the lower half of the Kyocera 7135, above the numeric keypad, is the Graffiti area which is surprisingly easy to use, despite its congested appearance. The silkscreened Menu, Home, Find, and App buttons are an extra-nice touch, as is the fact that you can adjust contrast and brightness both from the Graffiti area as well. Along with the number keys are buttons to control the backlight, power the Palm display on and off, and activate the speakerphone. You can set the Kyocera 7135 to backlight all the keys, though only for 10 or, alternatively, 30 seconds at a time.

The Kyocera 7135 includes high-speed wireless and a built-in SD slot for a Secure Digital Multimedia Memory card that supports SDIO and a built-in image viewer and MP3 player.

As for the phone application, there is no onscreen dialer and you have to navigate using an integrated action button and rocker button as it is not touch sensitive (protection from accidentally activating a person on the screen while the phone is touching your face). The screen for the phone application looks just like a standard familiar mobile phone screen, including the expected signal strength indicator, service indicator, and GPS positioning indicator. Convenient menu listings allow you to easily check Recent Calls and Messages, and pull up your Palm OS Address Book (including your voice dial and speed lists).Kyocera 7135

From the phone preference menu, you can customize your Kyocera 7135, such as setting whether opening the flip answers calls automatically or not and/or automatically shows the phone display. You can also set a variety of alerts for situations like entering roaming or missing calls, turning on or off voice answer and/or wake up, select call volumes, ring tones and more.

If you’re a parent seeking a low cost (but extremely successful) way to maintain monitor of the kids, then you ought to look at an iPhone tracking app, sometimes referred to as an iPhone spy app.

As you possibly are aware, the iPhone will be the most favored cell telephone on the market right now. The latest iPhone 4 sold millions in the very first week, further cementing its place as the most sought right after cell phone. Since the iPhone is a quite well-known device, it’s obviously the desire of most children these days. This implies parents can use this as a tool to watch and monitor their little ones by installing an iPhone monitoring application which will report the area of their children at any time.

The way an iPhone tracking app works, is soon after installation, they begin to report GPS coordinates at particular intervals (which commonly you can adjust) or they will enable you to “request” the area of the iPhone user. Results are usually sent to an account that you just set up at time of obtain. This enables you to then log in utilizing any world wide web connected device and view the tracking data.

The cool factor is the fact that these tracking apps will show display the GPS area on a map (usually Google Maps), which indicates it is possible to zoom in, zoom out, get driving direction, and even use Google’s Street View alternative to obtain a 360 degree view from the area. There’s truly no much better tracking option out there.

An iPhone-tracking application signifies no far more worrying if your kids are in school or when they do not pick up their cell phone whenever you try to call them. With this kind of app, you’ll often have a way to find out “exactly” where they’re at any given time.

A single factor to point out is that not all of these apps are created equal. Tracking applications will fall into two categories. The primary one being ‘visible’ and the second 1 being ‘hidden’ to the user. What this signifies that prior to you invest in an iPhone-tracking application to monitor your youngsters, decide should you want them to know you’re monitoring them, or if you’d rather not tell them. In most cases, the visible tracking apps are sold within the App shop, whereas the ‘hidden’ iPhone monitoring apps are sold outside the App shop.

Kyocera 7135The best approach to make a decision when you should purchase a visible or hidden application is to ask yourself how your yo  ung children will react should you tell them that you have installed an application on their telephone to monitor them in case of an emergency. My guess is the fact that when you make it a condition of having the iPhone, most youngsters won’t care. However, if you feel your older little ones will not like the though of mom and dad knowing exactly where they go, then undoubtedly go with the hidden tracking applications.

Regardless of your respective choice, employing an iPhone monitoring application may be the very best way to maintain track of one’s youngsters, and that means additional “peace of mind” for you and your spouse.